Other Applications for Phebi Technology

Consumers already use voice in their daily lives, and they are starting to expect it to be an option whenever they interact with the web. With this in mind, forward looking market researchers are integrating Phebi technology to voice-enable surveys.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved UX: Integrating voice can streamline user experience, making surveys easier and more enjoyable to complete, particularly on mobile.
  • Higher Completion Rates: Better experiences lead to higher completion rates which in turn saves time and money.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Voice-enabling surveys can make them easier to complete for the visually impaired as well as respondents who may struggle with a mouse and keyboard or even a mobile screen. This expands potential respondent pools while supporting your company's accessibility efforts.
  • Improved Authentication: Trusting in the quality of respondents is paramount in market research. Voiceprint and other new analysis capabilities can help prevent fraud by ensuring participants are genuine.

Partners Include:

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Phebi helps data-driven companies empower employees with secure access to sensitive business data and extensive archives in real-time.

We’ve all felt the frustration of waiting on business intelligence that should be readily available but somehow just isn’t. While we wait, our decision making is stalled, and momentum is lost.

Phebi fixes this by making sure the data needed to take action is always a simple voice query away.

Consider opportunities such as a sales person sitting in her car needing access to the latest account information before entering her client’s lobby for a meeting:

  • “What are YTD sales for electric scooters in Southern California?”
  • "How are sales pacing against target in the Northeast Region for February?”

Or a sales manager working on monthly incentive programs:

  • “What SKUs are pacing above target this month?"
  • “What SKUs are pacing below target this month?

Employees are already tapping into the power of voice to streamline operations and enhance productivity at home. With Phebi Business Intelligence, business owners and managers can empower them to do the same at work, driving competitive advantage through better, faster decisions.

Partners Include:
Havas Media Group
Delineate. The Audience Intelligence Agency
Newlink Group

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Phebi was built to humanize data, making it easier to interact with via natural speech. The technology works by (1) ingesting data sets, (2) creating customized audio databases from them and (3) using these databases to power contextualized voice search. This means that when consumers talk to Phebi-backed data, our technology listens for the *right* words (and does not get thrown off by other words that are less useful in completing the search).

Our business is focused on two key use cases—online retail (Phebi voice search) and business intelligence (making sensitive data accessible in real-time via voice quieries)—but many others exist. That’s why we’ve opened up the Phebi platform to developers.

The sky is the limit as far as what types of apps could benefit from our technology. We look forward to seeing what the community builds.

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Phebi Connect is the data-driven executive’s secret weapon.

Our fully secure, authenticated smart speakers for business make it possible to access real-time data in business settings ranging from client presentations and pitches to internal sales meetings and ideation sessions.

Consider opportunities such as a consultant presenting to a room full of clients on recent changes that have driven a month-over-month spike in sales:

  • “What were earbud sales vs. target last month?
  • “What are earbud sales vs. target this month?”

Or a marketing executive building a pitch deck for an auto client:

  • “Show me sales materials for the Auto category from the past two years”

Start hosting dynamic, next generation meetings and presentations today by linking Phebi Connect devices to your Phebi-enabled company data.