The Phebi difference


We've done the
heavy lifting for you.

Be up-and-running in no time
Install our Shopify app in just a
few clicks or have a product
specialist lead you through a
simple and intutive
on-boarding process.


Phebi voice search is
better voice search.

Reduce friction and drive
perfromance with fast, accurate
search. When customers talk to
your site, Phebi listens, prioritizes
the right words and understands
their meaning in the context of
your site specifically.


Keep customer
queries private.

Why funnel your customer's voice
search through services from tech
giants, feeding their ad targeting
models without benifiting your
business? Phebi allows site owners
to have voice search directly on
their site.

With Phebi, any e-commerce site can
integrate voice search quickly and easily

Install Phebi voice search:
When our mic icon appears
you are ready to go.
Invite customers to explore
your site with near frictionless
voice queries.
Start seeing results instantly:
Faster search, happier
shoppers and more sales.

Why voice now?

The number of
millennials who use
voice-enabled digital
assistants will climb to
39.3% by 2019.
Mobile voice-related
searches are 3 times
more likely to be
location-based than
text-related searches.
Voice-based commerce sales
reached $1.8 billion last year
(2017) it is predicted they will
reach $40 billion by 2022.
50% of all searches will
be voice searches by

Let's get started

Phebi can make any retail site searchable by voice almost instantly.


Our partners

Breakthrough UX, a specialist in Digital Customer Experience and Innovation, is proud to partner with Phebi to help you add voice and grow voice commerce on your websites, e-commerce, apps and online services.

Visit to learn about their voice services.