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Phebi Voice Search is simple, smart and secure voice search for e-commerce websites. Our technology can make any retail site searchable by voice almost instantly.

When retail sites sign up for Phebi or install the Shopify app, our system automatically catalogues their complete inventory, noting each and every word. These words are used to create a customized audio database unique to each Phebi-enabled site. This means that when customers ask for something, Phebi will listen for the *right* words (and not get thrown off by other words that are less useful in completing the search).

For example, Alfa Romeo has a model called Giulia. With Phebi Voice Search, the request “show me Giulias in red” would turn up just that. A conventional voice recognition tool on the other hand might hear “Julia” (the more common word globally) and turn up no matches. This is the power of contextualized search backed by customized audio databases.

Phebi Voice Search helps e-commerce businesses reduce friction and drive performance while maintaining control of customer conversations and ownership of data generated.

  • Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations: Your customers already use voice in their daily lives and they are starting to expect it to be an option. Phebi Voice Search allows any site to meet and exceed this expectation without doing the heavy lifting of developing their own voice search tool.
  • Provide Better Experiences: Phebi allows customers to explore your inventory through near frictionless voice queries, making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.
  • Drive Sales: With Phebi in place, even complex voice queries turn up accurate results faster than ever. This gets customers to checkout more quickly increasing conversion rates.
  • Generate Data: Phebi automatically tracks and charts the most common voice search terms used on your site. These insights have proven invaluable to our clients.
  • Stay Secure: Phebi keeps customer queries private. Voice search plugins from the tech giants are built on models that funnel customer search data through their systems where it feeds their ad targeting models. Phebi allows the site owner to maintain control the conversation with voice search that happens directly on their own site.

Integrating Phebi Voice Search is quick and easy.

For sites built on the Shopify platform, getting started is as simple as downloading the Phebi Voice Search app from the Shopify App Store. Additional e-commerce platforms coming soon.

For all other sites, our product specialists can lead you through a simple and intuitive on-boarding process. Email us at

Phebi Voice Search on Shopify offers tiered pricing to fit the size of any e-commerce business.

  • Our BASIC plan supports up to 30 products, is powered through a shared environment and is $9.99/month.
  • Our PLUS plan supports up to 100 products, is powered through a shared environment and is $19.99/month.
  • Our PREMIUM plan supports unlimited products, is powered with a dedicated environment and is $199.99/month.

For pricing on a custom app email us at

Yes. Phebi is a game changer for e-commerce sites but this is just the beginning. There are many other applications for our technology, some of which our team are actively developing and some of which outside developers are inventing using the Phebi platform.

Visit our other applications page to learn more about:

  • How companies are tapping Phebi technology to improve business intelligence by making sensitive data and extensive archives accessible to employees in real-time via secure voice search.
  • How developers are tapping the Phebi platform to power their own creations.
  • Phebi Connect: Secure, authenticated smart speakers for business.

For pricing on a custom app email us at